16 West Hanover Ave, Randolph, NJ 07869   (973) 895-4007

Sponsors & Business Partners

Our current sponsors:

JAG Physical Therapy
Parisi Speed School.
Eastern Services Pest Control.
Burrinis Olde World Market.

Our current business partners:

Fundamentals Softball Training.
New Jersey Batting Cages.
Rapid Fire Elite Field Hockey.
Steps Lacrosse.
Become a Sponsor
    Sponsorship Objectives:
  • Develop a multi-faceted relationship
  • Increase market and brand awareness
  • Create a distinct point of difference in the marketplace
    Sponsorship Strategies:
  • Form mutually beneficial multi-year promotional partnership between leading New Jersey companies
  • Leverage the existing Indoor Sports Pavilion customer base towards client products and services
  • Develop fully integrated, result oriented partnership
  • Provide corporate partner flexibility in customizing partnership sponsorship benefits package.
    Indoor Sports Pavilion Demographics:
  • The majority of the customers at ISP are in an extremely high demographic category.
  • Our customers are highly educated homeowners with a high median income.
  • Well over 4000 athletes (ages 3 to adult) on a weekly basis
  • Currently there are over 300 teams in 5 sports
  • Estimated 12,500 visitors on a weekly basis. (including parents and siblings)
  • Athletes from Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris and Union Counties
    For more information about becoming a sponsor please contact Jeff Walder or Barbara Walder at 973.895.4007

Parisi. JAG Physical Therapy Burrini's Olde World Market. Eastern Pest Services. Rosie's.