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Youth Soccer

Youth Soccer Programs

Play soccer in the largest and highest quality indoor soccer facility in New Jersey. ISP has two soccer fields each in excess of 32,000 sq/ft – which is more than double the size of most of our competitors! See our comparison chart. Fully heated and air conditioned non-bubble structure, it is the perfect environment for indoor soccer. ISP has the highest quality of turf field, regularly cleaned. The viewing area is a separate enclosed area, serving hot and cold drinks plus snacks, providing wireless internet, and TV screens -- offering complete spectator comfort. No place in New Jersey better to train or play from November-April.

ISP is the home of the New Jersey Indoor State Cup - https://www.gotsport.com/forms/app/?eventid=48949 in February 2016
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SONESOCCER is the official soccer provider to ISP. All Sonesoccer programs are co-ed unless otherwise stated. For additional information or to register, go to: http://sonesoccer.com/risp.shtml.

Contact Tim Verschuren of SoneSoccer
(c) 908-566-6145
for information on leagues and tournaments

For Camps and Clinics Contact. Jade at jade@newjerseysoccergroup.com
Phone -- (c) (973)573-4999


Click here for facility rules.

All age groups will play 7v7
43-minute games (no half time)

Home Team / Away Team:
Team listed first is the designated Home Team and must change jerseys when the
referee determines a conflict to exist. The Away Team starts with kick-off. Home
team decides which goal to defend.

Player’s Equipment:

All players must wear shin guards. No metal-rimmed glasses or jewelry of any kind
will be allowed. Casts, splints or body braces made of a hard substance in its final
form such as leather, rubber, plastic, plaster or fiberglass must be covered on all
exterior surfaces with no less than ½ inch thick, high density polyurethane, or an
alternate material of the same thickness and similar physical properties to protect
the injury. A medical release for the injured player signed by a licensed physician
must be available at the game site. Players may not play with these casts without
the approval of the Referee.


There will be no protests. All officiating decisions are final.

Sideline Behavior:

Both teams will sit on the same side of the field. Only coaches and trainers may
stay on the player’s sideline. Spectators are only allowed on the opposite side of the
field. No spectators are allowed behind the goal areas. Harassment of the officials
from coaches, spectators or players will not be tolerated.

Coaches. A maximum of 3 coaches is allowed per team at games. No exceptions!

The ball is out. When it has entirely crossed the line. Indoor Sports Pavilion, LLC is not
a continuous play facility and therefore the nets are out of play.

. Can only be scored by usual methods. Goal cannot be scored from side line kickin.

. - There is no offside.

Cards. If a player gets a yellow card; player will be given a 2-minute penalty without
substitution. If a player gets a red card, the team plays 1 player short for the remainder
of the game.

Free Kicks. FIFA rules. Defenders must be at least 5 yards from the ball.

Penalty Kick. All players must be outside the box and behind the ball.

Throw In. There is no throw in. Balls will be kicked in. Defenders must retreat at least 5

Goal Kick. Cannot cross the half way line on the fly. The ball must touch goalkeepers
half of the field or any player. No punting or drop kicks are allowed. Ball must be on the
ground if kicked by keeper after a save.

Corner Kick.
Defenders must retreat at least 5 yards.

Kick Off. Indirect.

Scoring. Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.

Ceiling/Beams. Any ball that hits the ceiling or beams is a dead ball, which results in
the other team taking control of the ball starting with an in-direct free kick at the

Yellow card If your player receives a yellow card. The player has to go off the field for 2
minutes to get back on or until a goal is scored by the other team.

Slide Tackling. Slide tackling is not allowed if there is risk of physical contact in
between players.

All rules and regulations of the Indoor Sports Pavilion, including, but not limited to,
regarding behavior/conduct, food on the field, etc. must be adhered to without
exception. All violations of the rules and regulations shall be strictly enforced.

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On Line Registration is available for Youth Lacrosse Leagues ONLY.

To avoid games/practices being cancelled due to weather closures, ISP will make every effort to keep the facility open, absent clear safety issues that would make travel inappropriate.

Cancellations due to such extreme weather will not be subject to make-ups or refunds.

You may go to our Facebook page Indoor Sports Pavilion Facebook Page for updates on programs at ISP.

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